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POSITION #1 Offering:

Janitorial Maintenance Site Supervisor


Provide leadership and guidance to working staff members (day & night) to ensure that a high level of cleanliness, quality, and service is achieved and maintained for a premier Lionheart client. This individual will coordinate daily activities and project work, arrange replacement/additional labor and maintain facilities in accordance with all underlying service contracts. Site Supervisor will work closely with Management personnel as well as other Executives to promote and ensure Customer Satisfaction.


  1. Understand and implement Service Contracts within designated facility.
  2. Oversee working staff assigned to each facility.
  3. Support Operational activities at the facility.
  4. Implement changes in Operational routines as needed to ensure productivity, efficiency, and cost effectiveness
  5. General Accounting responsibilities to include submission of work orders for billing, submission of receipts for accounts payable, submission of monthly supply request, and submission of weekly payroll analysis, investigate and correct operational practices as needed.
  6. Participate in regular Operational and/or staff meetings.
  7. Interact Daily with Client Facility Management Team.
  8. Utilize all applicable technology relevant to the job (i.e. blackberry/smart phone, Word, Excel and internal Client facility software.)


  • High School Diploma or equivalent, College credits a plus.
  • Clean driverís license.
  • Ability to pass Company background check.
  • 3-5 Industry and Supervisory experience.
  • Reliable means of transportation.

Please Send Resume & Salary Requirements to

POSTION #2 Offering:

Area Project / Utility Worker


Project/Utility Field Worker, assisting Vice President of Operations on all service and operational needs throughout client base; assist in the coordination of project work endeavors; perform replacement duties for all levels within the operation; assist in the relocation and provision of all equipment and supplies as needed throughout client base.


  1. Understand and perform duties of building specifications
  2. Interact with Supply Vendors
  3. Interact with Subcontractors
  4. Work Application:
    1. General cleaning
    2. Lavatory cleaning
    3. Carpet cleaning
    4. Strip & Wax
    5. Stone care
    6. Glass window cleaning
    7. Perform various pick-up & deliveries throughout portfolio of equipment, supplies, uniforms office materials and alike


  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Clean driverís license.
  • Ability to pass Company background check.
  • Cleaning and maintenance industry experience.
  • Reliable means of transportation.

Please Send Resume & Salary Requirements to

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